Welcome to the Neighborhood

East Walnut Hills, traditionally considered “Cincinnati’s first suburb”, is located on the near east side of Cincinnati, lying just north of Eden Park and Mt. Adams, east of Walnut Hills, south of Evanston, and west of  O’Bryonville and Hyde Park. It is populated by several historic preservation districts, numerous grand and historic residences and a local historic landmark (St. Francis de Sales Church).

The origins of East Walnut Hills’ development are found in a small German Catholic community and the adjoining rural estates of a number of Cincinnati businessmen, which co-existed in the area beginning in the mid-19th century. Interested in learning more about the history and historic landmarks of the neighborhood? Check out the History page.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in East Walnut Hill:

  • The neighborhood’s Community Council, called the East Walnut Hills Assembly, hosts monthly public meetings and invites residents and non-residents alike to become members and provide input.
  • The Beautification Committee of the Assembly, comprised of neighborhood volunteers, makes sure that our public flower pots and gardens stay well-maintained and beautiful.
  • Local business owners in the Business Group meet regularly to make sure that the business district continues to grow and thrive.
  • Our dedicated Citizens on Patrol volunteer team walks and drives the streets and stays in close contact with Cincinnati Police Dept. to report any issues that arise.
  • We host regular community-wide events and are always looking for volunteers to help out!